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Organized by Kam! My Experience

We all want to be more organized, am I right? We scroll through Pinterest and see impeccably designed, totally organized spaces with gleaming surfaces and think, “If only.” But the reality is that people live in our homes and they rarely look Pinterest-worthy. Or if they are organized, we are probably too exhausted to enjoy […]

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Whining Won't Help || Atlanta Area Moms Blog ||

Whining Gets You Nowhere

Need I say more? I currently have a 4-year-old who thinks whining will help. News alert: it doesn’t, son. It only makes me want to hit my head against the wall and eventually run for the hills. But luckily, I haven’t run away and continue to love and care for my children #greatparenting. I am […]

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Potty Training for the Lazy Mom...| Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Potty Training for the Lazy Mom…

With the real deadline 2 months away, I decided to go with the slow and steady wins the race mentality for potty training. Don’t rush them through childhood people say, they grow up so quickly. Surely this applies to this situation as well? Nana gave us an ultimatum. He must be potty trained by the time we […]

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