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Parents & Kids - Taking Care of Both

Parents and Kids – Taking Care of Both

What is the old saying about making plans?  While I was writing, and rewriting a completely different post, that’s just what happened to our family. Within one week, my mom wound up in the ER for shortness of breath and chest pains. Just a few days later – my father-in-law found himself faced with his […]

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Y’all. Raising a toddler is starting to feel like that 4th of July contest they used to do at my neighborhood swimming pool – the one where they grease a watermelon and toss it into the deep end, and the first person who can dive down, retrieve said watermelon, and successfully swim up to the […]

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Playground Politics: Types of Playground Moms

Playground Politics: Types of Moms at the Park

Atlanta has some of the prettiest parks in the country. Just read here, here, and here. Oh, and here. As you explore Georgia’s wonderful parks with your kids, you might discover some untold rules. Like the following: Your proximity to your child and the playground, as well as how dirty you allow your kid to […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016 #SHOPATL2016

2016 ShopATL: A Locally Sourced Holiday Gift Guide

{Disclosure: #ShopATL2016 is a sponsored post. That said, we personally shopped and sourced each holiday gift and included our favorites}. When it comes to holiday shopping, busy schedules and traffic always put a damper on the be merry part.  We thought we would do a little work for you and showcase some of our favorite places […]

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