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Getting IT Together…Tax Season Woes

Ok, it is rapidly approaching, like it or not. After the calendar rolls over, it rears its head. Tax season. Gah. The dreaded Saturday(s) of sorting, searching, sifting, and stapling. If you are lucky, your tax prep god or goddess gives you a worksheet to reference during this process. But, with or without that, what […]

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Moving Back Home

Moving Back Home

Raise your hand if you were born and bred in a small town.  Yep, there we are.  While open to interpretation, it’s the type of town where you know most of the folks or better yet, most of them know YOU – and your parents and your sibling(s).  For many of us, it’s the type […]

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Gravida 0, Para 0, Mother of One

My medical record will forever read G0P0.  I never managed to get pregnant during the “trying” time frame. Fortunately, I was a mother figure during that time to 3 stepkids, something I deeply enjoyed. And, I poured every ounce of my (sometimes challenged) mothering ability into.  That time in my life represents an honor and a […]

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Screen Life aka Our new Normal

Screen Life – aka Our New Normal

Oh, the joys of technology.  Similar to the joys of children, actually… screen life is good to go most of the time with the occasional hiccup that can make things difficult.  But how about the mixture of the two? Sigh. That’s more of a conundrum. With my previous step-kids (all under 30, mind you), there […]

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