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Organized by Kam! My Experience | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Organized by Kam! My Experience

We all want to be more organized, am I right? We scroll through Pinterest and see impeccably designed, totally organized spaces with gleaming surfaces and think, “If only.” But the reality is that people live in our homes and they rarely look Pinterest-worthy. Or if they are organized, we are probably too exhausted to enjoy […]

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Letting Your Kids Fail

Letting Your Kids Fail

A year ago I read the book The Gift of Failure. As a former teacher and a mom, so much of the book resonated with me. Many of Jessica Lahey’s words made me want to virtually high-five her. Yes! Letting your kids forget their homework and try hard things- this is how they learn that […]

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Uniters, Not Dividers | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Uniters, Not Dividers

Divisive:(adjective) tending to cause disagreement or hostility between people I don’t have to say it. We all know. The climate in our country (world?) right now is incredibly divisive. We are warring factions all day long and it’s sad and exhausting. Even my 76-year-old dad, who has lived through the Civil Rights Movement in Tennessee, […]

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Summer Reading for Moms | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Summer Reading for Moms

Summer is a-coming! Not to make you jealous, but I am FINALLY in the “sit by the pool/beach and read a book” stage of motherhood. Trust me, it is glorious. Yes, sometimes I’m interrupted by requests for snacks (so.many.snacks.) and sometimes my books get splashed by cannonballs, but, still. Glorious. You may not be there […]

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