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The Secret to a Great Marriage | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

The Secret to a Great Marriage

This year, I will celebrate 19 years of marriage to my high school sweetheart. I definitely love him more now than I did when we said, “I do”. But here’s the more remarkable thing- I LIKE him. After 19 years, I still can’t wait when we finally get a date night. He’s still the person […]

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Parenting Big Kids in Atlanta

Parenting Big Kids

I remember when I thought my days would always be filled with diapers and bottles. I was sure I’d always have to carry a diaper bag and have cabinets filled with sippy cups. But, here we are, almost 12 years into parenting, and our home is suddenly populated by kids. Not babies. Not toddlers. Big […]

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Analog Games that Bring Us Together | Family Game Night

Game On- Analog Games That Bring Us Together

 In our increasingly screen-filled world, we are always searching for ways to spend actual face-to-face time with our people. Nothing builds relationships like sitting in the same room with a person, having an actual conversation. Sometimes it’s nice to have a purpose for getting together, a reason to set aside the devices and come to […]

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