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Parenting Big Kids in Atlanta

Parenting Big Kids

I remember when I thought my days would always be filled with diapers and bottles. I was sure I’d always have to carry a diaper bag and have cabinets filled with sippy cups. But, here we are, almost 12 years into parenting, and our home is suddenly populated by kids. Not babies. Not toddlers. Big […]

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Analog Games that Bring Us Together | Family Game Night

Game On- Analog Games That Bring Us Together

 In our increasingly screen-filled world, we are always searching for ways to spend actual face-to-face time with our people. Nothing builds relationships like sitting in the same room with a person, having an actual conversation. Sometimes it’s nice to have a purpose for getting together, a reason to set aside the devices and come to […]

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Fall Reading List for Moms

Fall Recommended Reading for Moms

The leaves are (slowly) changing, the temps are (gradually) dropping, and the talk at the breakfast table is of Halloween costumes. It must be fall! And while fall reading is most definitely a year-round activity at our house, there are some books that are just better in autumn. Here are a few of my favorite […]

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4 Family Memberships That are Totally Worth It!

Metro-Atlanta has so many amazing places to discover with your kids- museums, theaters, parks, gardens- there is something for everyone! But those family adventures can get expensive! Over the years, we have made the most of our money by investing in family memberships. I’ve learned that my kids actually prefer going to the same place […]

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summer reading moms

Summer Reading for Moms

As I said in Summer Reading Programs for Kids, reading is one of my favorite things. And summer reading is definitely NOT just for kids! I love crafting my summer reading list every year, trying to find books that are fun, engaging, and keep me turning pages late into the night. My goal here is […]

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