A “Once Upon a Time” Preschool Experience {Sponsored Post}


{We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Little Sunshine Playhouse and Preschool. These are the questions we all have as we think about when preparing our children for kindergarten and keeping them in the care of someone else.}

As a mom of two, I know how difficult it is to find a school that meets and exceeds expectations. Every parent wants what’s best for their child. So it’s important to ask these questions:

  • Are the teachers going to take good care of my little ones?
  • Will my children have fun and get to play?
  • Will my children be ready for kindergarten?
  • Are my children going to learn to love education and develop the positive skills for lifelong learning?

We answer these questions openly at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse (LSP). As the owner, I am passionate about ensuring each child has the best first years of his or her education. Having the necessary tools and skills to learn and grow, sets each child up for success in elementary school and beyond.

A few short years ago, my husband and I were searching for the perfect preschool for our family. We came across Little Sunshine’s Playhouse in St. Louis, Missouri. The preschool was different than the typical “day care” we were used to touring. LSP provided an innovative atmosphere, a home-like environment and a strong curriculum with all-inclusive pricing. Most importantly, I felt like I had known the staff for years, making it easier to think about leaving my children.

My family fell in love with the preschool and its offerings. We decided to open our own Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, choosing Alpharetta as our flagship location. We saw a need for a quality preschool program. One where children are engaged in hands-on activities to help develop a passion for education.

All LSP preschools across the country utilize industry-leading technology. They provide exclusive services like Kiddie Cams™ and LuvNotes™. Kiddie Cams™ are a gateway for parents to peek into the classroom and watch their children during the day. LuvNotes™ is an online platform that offers an electronic form of communication. It allows parents hear from and speak to their child’s educator. Each day parents receive personalized daily reports, the weekly menu, the classroom’s curriculum, and planned activities for the day.

The curriculum, Creatively Shine™, focuses on whole-child development, active participation and extracurricular activities like music, foreign language, physical education, and more. This curriculum spotlights social and emotional development which helps children learn to interact with each other. There is emphasis placed on STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) development to enhance the children’s comfort level within the educational setting. LSP provides a comprehensive learning experience for each child!

Follow the magic to Little Sunshine’s Playhouse in Alpharetta and let your child’s creativity and imagination grow!  If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please call 770-545-6160 or visit www.littlesunshine.com.

12385 Morris Road, Alpharetta, Georgia 30005

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