Being a working mom who loves my work is a joy I do not take for granted.  Sure, I have the stress and feelings of failure both at work and at home.  There are never enough hours in the day and often seems if we added one hour we would add three hours’ worth of stuff to do!  It does take a village, and I am beyond grateful that Primrose has been a part of mine.

When we became pregnant with our first of three we were beyond excited.  I was so excited to go to the 13 week appointment to see her bouncing on the screen.  I misunderstood that the nuchal exam was elective (with high false positive) and my husband had already learned not to question the pregnant woman.  We fell in to the category who received a false positive but of course when you receive you have to do additional testing to confirm whether or not for your child.

As we embarked on the idea of childcare we both knew we intended to continue work and our careers.  Neither of us has any guilt about that decision and never second guessed, but with the potential looming to have a child with specific needs it made the childcare search that much more important.  I knew if one of us was home with the baby we would do whatever it took to figure it out.  I wanted to be sure that where she was and who she was with for the day was going to do exactly that.

While we ended up on the side of “average kid” we knew with 100% confidence that we could trust and lean on the team at Primrose.  We happened to use the team at Primrose Providence Pavilion and could not have been happier with the experience our children had there.  Both our girls attended and grew so much both socially and intellectually. 

One of our favorite parts about Primrose is the summer programs they offer.  Did you know you can sign up to attend these camps even if you don’t use them year round?  Primrose has an amazing amount of resources, locations, and eager teachers in each location to help your kiddo have the time of their life this summer.  They will focus on engaging them in activities that stimulate their minds, hearts, and get their little bodies moving.

Take a look today at the Primrose nearest you!

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