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You Are Enough: How I Know Even Though We Haven't Met

Mama, You Are Enough: How I Know Even Though We Haven’t Met

“A total stranger told me today I should have more than one child.” “Someone asked me what I was going to do now that my kids are in school.” “I was approached to chaperone the field trip, but got ‘the look’ when I said I couldn’t get away from the office.” “A friend told me […]

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Gotcha! |:: Atlanta Area Moms Blog ::|


Yep, it has been a year since I became a momma…August 16, 2016, to be exact. We get to celebrate our 1st Gotcha Day. Which, the 12-year-old loves because it means it is a second round of birthday gifts. While I had been present for 4 years, being present is not the same as being […]

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Letting Your Kids Fail

Letting Your Kids Fail

A year ago I read the book The Gift of Failure. As a former teacher and a mom, so much of the book resonated with me. Many of Jessica Lahey’s words made me want to virtually high-five her. Yes! Letting your kids forget their homework and try hard things- this is how they learn that […]

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I Don't Feel Like a Mom

I Don’t Feel Like a Mom

Before I became a mom, I read a lot of mom blogs. I loved the ones who just posted about day-to-day life. I would dive back through archives, trying to piece together some idea of what life with kids looked like. I knew I wanted it, but the daily reality was a mystery to me. I […]

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Three Challenges Working Moms Face During the Summer

Three Challenges Workings Moms Face During the Summer

It’s summertime. Kids everywhere are rejoicing while parents everywhere are going crazy, broke, or (likely) both. I remember childhood summer breaks fondly. My mom worked from our home so she was always around. My older siblings and I spent our days sleeping in, watching The Price is Right, bickering, and running around the neighborhood until the street […]

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