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Why this Working Mom Feels Guilty…..the Reason May Surprise You

Before I became a mom, I always knew I would continue to work and had no intention of becoming a full-time homemaker. Not that staying at home isn’t an underrated job – it’s probably the most important life skill one can manage. I enjoyed my profession, it gave me a sense of purpose and satisfaction. I […]

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enjoy the little things

Rule No. 32: Enjoy the Little Things

My alarm clock every morning is the sound of baby elephants leisurely coming down our stairs from their bedroom. I automatically move the pillows surrounding my body in order to have a clear side for each child to snuggle against. This one particular morning, I feel only my six-year-old daughter take my sleepy limp arm […]

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Moms Please Stop Body Shaming Ourselves

Moms, Let’s Stop Body Shaming Ourselves

I was at a local splash pad here in Gwinnett County. There were a group of moms to the side. A kid came up to their mom and wanted her to play in the water fountain with them. She said no because she was too fat to be in a bathing suit. The kid walked […]

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Summer Bucket List Ideas

June is here and that means… summer might come to an end quicker than you realize. Have you accomplished everything on your summer bucket list? Or maybe you’ve thought,”it’s only June?!” You’ve totally run out of ideas to keep your kiddos engaged and instead they are following you around the house saying, “I am bored.” […]

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A Thank You to My Husband for Father’s Day

A Thank You to My Husband for Father’s Day

A little background first. My husband and I have been married 13 years. We have two children 7 and 3. Our 3-year-old son has autism and is nonverbal. Marriage hasn’t been easy for us and neither has been being parents. We both come from broken homes. So we’ve had to be our own examples of […]

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Kaden and his Grandpa, May 2018

Imaginary Grandpa

I believe that imaginary friends are a healthy part of a child’s development. I think that it demonstrates a strong creative mind and I encourage it. My older son frequently invited Bambi the deer, and Spirit the horse to move in with us when he was little. I’m familiar with having an extra personality in the room […]

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