Family Outing: Fernbank Science Center

This past weekend the weather was awesome and the kids were getting cabin fever. I’ve been itching to get to the planetarium. I’d been promising myself that I would since I moved here. So, we packed up our kids and their cousins and took a nice Saturday afternoon drive through Atlanta to Fernbank Science Center!! 


Although I’ve been in the Atlanta area for 3 years; I still haven’t done much exploring. This was the perfect opportunity to explore neighborhoods outside my own. The Science Center was bustling with families whose children were racing from exhibit to exhibit with excitement. There were a lot of people there for the planetarium. Lucky for me I found a Groupon deal online prior to our visit. It seemed a lot of other mom’s had the same idea.

The exhibits were fun and they encompassed everything from nature to outer space. 









The kids were surprisingly attentive to the various displays; especially the interactive ones. But I have to say one of the most exciting parts of this visit was the Reptile Day display. That’s right! There were snakes on display and ones you could actually hold! I hadn’t held a snake since I was about 8 at a petting zoo my mother took me to. I was really excited to see the kids so enthralled with everything! 

We played with #snakes was pretty dope! 🐍🐍🐍

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Of course, the real highlight was the planetarium show. We wound up viewing The Night Sky show because they were having problems with their newer projectors. Go figure that the good ol’ faithful technology was able to give us a delightful show. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pictures. So, if you want to see just how awesome it is; you’ll have to go! The best part of all were the smiles on everyone’s face at the end of the visit! 

Have you been to Fernbank for a visit? If so, share your experience below or on Atlanta City’s Mom Blog Facebook page!

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  1. Nichole May 2, 2017 at 11:37 pm #

    Omg what cute kids! Our family loves Fernbank we’ll be going back for another visit soon for sure!