Is Winter Over Yet???

Given the crazy weather we have had in Georgia recently, the interest in Groundhog Day may be at an all-time high!  While the national spotlight for this activity is held by Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania, don’t forget we have our own “meteorologically trained” groundhog in Georgia! YES!  We have our very own Official Weather Prognosticator!!  

General Beauregard Lee has made his appearance on local TV for many years amidst the southeastern version celebrations. But this year, he will be “performing” from a new home! He moved (ok, was physically relocated in his hibernating state) to Dauset Trails Nature Center located in Jackson, GA ( This is a privately owned, non-profit group provides environmental education opportunities for schools and individuals alike. The Center and surrounding trails are open daily with free parking and admission.  This sounds like a great place to go with the littles even without all of the festivities! 

Dauset Trails’ website states that General Lee will have comparable ceremonies for his Groundhog Day duties on February 2, 2018, starting at 7:30 a.m. Perhaps a silly overnight trip is in order?? Load up and head down 75 South then east to Locust Grove.  It’s an hour from Atlanta…barring any horrific traffic, of course.  

Or, check their website for updates about local TV coverage.  Knowing how little kiddos love furry animals, a fun breakfast around the TV for his debut might make spring show up SOONER. PLEASE.  

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