Playground Politics: Types of Moms at the Park

Atlanta has some of the prettiest parks in the country. Just read here, here, and here. Oh, and here. As you explore Georgia’s wonderful parks with your kids, you might discover some untold rules. Like the following: Your proximity to your child and the playground, as well as how dirty you allow your kid to get, directly reflects your parenting style. And, if a child gets hurt and you are the closest mom, you are automatically the go-to comforter until the other mom gets on the scene.

But before we dive into the types of moms found at the park, I can’t help but pass along a tip that was shared with me. If you find a mommy-type that you click with at the park, don’t let her leave until you exchange emails or phone numbers! She could become a great friend (hey, you both already like the same park!).

Celebrating the variety of moms at Atlanta parks:

The hovering mom: Careful! Let me keep my hands open and stand really close so you don’t fall. (Hey, first-time moms, no shame. First-time moms, gonna first-time-mom.)

Middle-ground mom: I believe you can do it, but I’m just going to stand here in case you fall so I can be close to the scene.

Me-time mom: They’re kids. Let them learn themselves about balance and cooperation. I’ll be over here in this far picnic table. They’ll call if they need me.

Interactive mom: I’ll be the troll under the bridge! Don’t let me get you!

Fit mom: 3, 2, 1…I just have to finish my cool down and then I’ll be ready to go, sweetie.

Snack mom: Honey, I’m going to eat your food if you don’t come back soon.

Homeschool mom: Okay, son. Just complete this math page and then you can go play.

Coffee mom: This coffee is so good. It doesn’t even matter what my kid is screaming.

Please-talk-to-me mom: I’ve been inside all day with an infant! I need adult conversation. Please be my insanity checker.

Business mom: Yes, I’ve had a long day. Yes, I still have my power suit on, but as super mom, I am here and ready to play!    

But before we leave the list, a quick kudos to playground dads! You know who you are–usually the most popular ones out there.

Okay, moms. What type of mom are you at the park?

Playground Politics: Types of Playground Moms



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