Why Southerners LOVE the Snow

It happened. We got snow in Atlanta…again. Need to be reminded of what happened 3 years ago? Have a look. But this time y’all it was real snow! Sure, the news may have got it a little wrong when they said we were going to get a “dusting.” Some areas got over 10 inches of snow, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

I have noticed a rather annoying trend though. Every time it snows…EVERY. TIME. The “northerners” come out of the woodwork and try to downplay our snow. Now I get it, it snows all the time where you’re from, and you guys are prepared for these kinds of things.

However, here in Georgia, we’re used to one thing and that’s hot. We know it, we love it and we’ve got lots and lots of sweet tea to get us through those summers. But once that sleet starts coming down we quite honestly lose it and go into a panic.

Everybody starts preparing to make those winter delicacies also known as milk sandwiches, and we go stir crazy with all of our kids at home. And you know what? I LOVE IT! And I know all of my southern mamas love the snow too, even if they deny it. Here’s why…

1. Everything shuts down because we can’t handle it and we all got stuck at home.
This year, unfortunately, we did not shut down in time like we should have. Everyone went to work and school and the weather guys were pretty confident that the weather wasn’t going to get that bad. Well, they were wrong (and they apologized). So it was a crazy mad rush to get all of the kids home from school and get everyone home from work. I’ve heard that traffic was pretty bad and that a lot of people got stuck on the side of the road.

Thankfully once everyone got home they pretty much stayed home which, was good because we got a second wave of snow in the evening that really came down hard. I know I’m not the only one who loves when time kind of stops and we have an excuse to just stay in and love on each other. It’s quite wonderful.

2. Our kids NEVER get to see snow.
Our sweet little southern babies NEVER get to see snow. It’s literally like a foreign object to them. But to see their faces light up and freeze our butts off with them is so worth it.

3. WE never get to see snow.
I didn’t realize how much adults love the snow (myself included) until I checked my Instagram the day that it snowed. I’d bet money on the fact that I saw at least 50 hashtags that said #snow2017 #winterwonderland. I also had no shame in my overgramming game! 

4. An excuse to drink lots of wine and hot chocolate.
You’re stuck at home with the kids, and it’s literally freezing outside…what else are you going to do? I know I’m not the only mama who thoughtfully perused the wine aisle at Publix while getting that bread and milk. I see you girl! And I mean we could probably drink hot chocolate any other time during the winter, but will you be able to Instagram a pic of yourself holding with snow outside of your window? That is the question.

5. The 1 or 2 days of a winter wonderland is beautiful!
The snow is beautiful y’all! It’s so pretty to look at. Especially down here in Georgia where we have endless open fields of grass, that covered in a white fluffy blanket is awe-inspiring.

What did you guys think about the snow this year? Did you enjoy it? Did you overgram your wine drinking and hot chocolate? Let us know below.

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One Response to Why Southerners LOVE the Snow

  1. Erin February 16, 2018 at 8:11 am #

    I have deep roots in the north but spent most of my life in the south. I LOVE SNOW. I feel like a kid again when it snows and love sharing the fun with our kiddos. The hassle it brings to people and traffic, the difficulties of having to rework schedules and childcare around it, the impact bad weather has on people who must work or live out in it are not lost on us. It is bittersweet now to learn snow is in the forecast because it clearly isn’t a magical reality for many people.