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A Plan for Summer Reading

A Plan for Summer Reading

I know, it seems it is a lifetime and a half away…but we all know how this goes. One day it’s Spring Break and the next the kids are OUT FOR SUMMER. Panic sets in about plans for camps and activities. Honestly, any type of entertainment and/or a time filler.   But, as moms, we also […]

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What’s a Mom to do with #metoo?

Yes, I posted this hashtag this fall – as did the majority of my friends.  The screaming pendulum of sexual misconduct allegations finally made this topic more socially acceptable for discussion; its constant appearance also made me think about my son.  My 12-year-old boy-man is growing up;  welcome to the body changes, hormone swings, and […]

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General Lee

Is Winter Over Yet???

Given the crazy weather we have had in Georgia recently, the interest in Groundhog Day may be at an all-time high!  While the national spotlight for this activity is held by Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania, don’t forget we have our own “meteorologically trained” groundhog in Georgia! YES!  We have our very own Official Weather Prognosticator!!   General […]

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Trips, Not Gifts

While the holidays are lots of fun, involve seeing family (perhaps tolerating family), and are always full of delicious goodies. There is one portion that is just a little too overdone at times…the gifts. Stuff. Things. Dust catchers. Closet dwellers. Blah. Instead, how about two amazing trip options to consider as gifts?  Done.   Road Scholar  […]

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Dinner’s On!

For those of you new to the Atlanta area, the AJC newspaper used to run a cool feature each week called the “5:30 Challenge.” The gist of it was to create a meal with 5 ingredients or less and have it ready in 30 minutes. Talk about an awesome reference for working families! (Moment of silence for the demise of the newspaper…for those of us old enough to remember it). In 2009, I turned in a recipe that had been passed on to my family from a college roommate of my mother’s. And, I was in print!! (Yes, I have a clipping, for those of us old enough to remember those, too 🙂 )

This is a hot meal, but honestly is delicious any time of year. The ingredients can be purchased and can sit in the pantry, the fridge and on the counter for several weeks before creating – super bonus for those struggling to plan ahead for meals (aka: moi). And finally, it covers ALL the bases needed for a meal. Yep, one pot and done.  

Here are some tips:

  • Try different flavors of canned tomatoes – all are great.  If Mexican is not your family’s preference, get the Italian ones. Want it soupier? Add a 3rd can.  
  • I adore cooked cabbage, so I generally cook the entire head of cabbage (unless it is basketball sized).  
  • I do the chopping and mixing the night before, put it in the fridge and slapped it on the stove when it was time to cook. Wait to put the cabbage on top just before stove time.   
  • I have NOT put it in the Crockpot, yet…which might actually work. Maybe low for 5-6 hours? Let me know if you give it a try.  

Hope you enjoy this “famous” recipe!  

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Wacky Cake

Who doesn’t love chocolate cake?  As in, a flavorful, far from dry, super texture chocolate cake!!  Me!  And my crew – the 12-year-old requests it by name.  To make this, even MORE, fun – this baby has no dairy or eggs in it.  Correct, nada.  Say hello to successfully bringing a vegan dessert.  Or an allergen-free one.  Take that old ‘Fear of Feeding Cupcakes to Kids’!!  

Not that it was the original intent of this recipe by any means.  See, this baby dates back to Depression-era – as in NO ONE HAD ANY EGGS or BUTTER.  And it uses vinegar to give the baking soda the boost to lift the cake since there is no structure from the protein normally found in eggs.  Put all of those together and the recipe appears to be, umm, wacky.  

And the wackiest thing of all – you can literally have ALL of the ingredients on hand and whip up an awesome homemade goody at the last moment.  Bundt pan, sheet cake or cupcakes, all turn out well.  

NOTE #1: I have not tried this with a gluten-free flour yet – but I firmly believe it would work just fine.  Let me know if any of you give it a whirl!  

NOTE #2: If you want to frost this baby, put a thin layer on first and let it set or mostly dry.  This will catch all of the crumbs.  Then go back and put on the “pretty” layer.  The cake is so moist, it will crumb into the frosting.  Just FYI.  

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Gotcha! |:: Atlanta Area Moms Blog ::|


Yep, it has been a year since I became a momma…August 16, 2016, to be exact. We get to celebrate our 1st Gotcha Day. Which, the 12-year-old loves because it means it is a second round of birthday gifts. While I had been present for 4 years, being present is not the same as being […]

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Managing the Mouth of the South

Let me start by saying my 12-year-old is an awesome kid. Smart, funny, silly, loving (most of the time), helpful (some of the time, when reminded). An all around great kid. I adore him completely. Like any mother, I want him to have a good, healthy, happy life. Until his mouth kicks in, that is. […]

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Feeling...Less than (Comparison Trap) | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Feeling … less than

Allow me to introduce you to some amazing women who may not be in my immediate circle, but are all housed in my life’s concentric ones. Meaning, I personally know and have spent time with every one of these ladies at some point in my journey. Prepare to understand how I can feel…well…less than. Significantly. […]

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My Kitchen BFF – the Crockpot

I love to eat. And I love to know what I am eating. But, with a job, a kiddo, a hubby and some vague semblance of a life, there is not much time for cooking during the week. Enter my kitchen BFF – the crockpot.  Mine is the bigger oval size one – because if I am cooking, I am all about the leftovers, too.  

If you are unsure about this tool, allow me to explain. A little bit of chopping, mixing or layering in the pot itself, the prep of the liquid ingredients in a separate container happens after dinner (and kids in bed, etc).  In the morning, the crock goes into the base, the liquids are added, seasonings as needed and lid applied. Turn that baby on and get on with your day. Upon returning to your humble abode, VIOLA!  A hot meal, or at least a significant portion of one. Talk about feeling like a winner at 5:32 PM or 6:17 PM or 8:03 PM or whenever dinner is served.   

So, here is a very simple recipe to get you started; the name is silly, but it’s a full meal that pleases most palates. Serve with green salad – or applesauce when there is no time for chopping.  

(If y’all like this one, there are many more I can share. Let me know and I will continue to post them. I am 20+ years of well-versed in crockpot language – but I would love to learn more, too!) 

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