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Chill while you grill! (1)

Why Southerners LOVE the Snow

It happened. We got snow in Atlanta…again. Need to be reminded of what happened 3 years ago? Have a look. But this time y’all it was real snow! Sure, the news may have got it a little wrong when they said we were going to get a “dusting.” Some areas got over 10 inches of […]

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How to Black Friday

How to “Black Friday”

I have a small confession, my husband and I may or may not be Black Friday professionals. Every year we save up just for Black Friday. Are the sales really all that worth it? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing for sure the prices are low, everything goes on sale and I like it!  We […]

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I Argue with My Husband {& I Love Him} | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

I Argue With My Husband

Recently my husband and I took one of those personality tests. Much to my surprise, we are complete opposites. Up until then, I chalked up our disagreements to just that, disagreements. Because we get along so well, I never stopped to think that we process information differently. But it also helped me to come to […]

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Kinda, Just Go With It

Recently I’ve realized that my 1-year-old is a tad bit anti-social. Not only does he look at me with helplessness when other kids try to engage him but he also actively avoids all areas of the playground where other children are. This was kind of worrying me until I had a two sentence conversation with […]

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Mom Judging | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Mom Judging

In fact, by writing this post, I  am mom judging. Somebody had to do it, though, right? I’ve done it unintentionally. You’ve done it unintentionally. Millions have done it intentionally behind the ego-booster that is social media. You’ve judged another mom before. Yeah it’s me again with another oh-so-controversial post, but you guys are used […]

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