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Great Wolf Lodge: Helpful Tips I Wish I had Known

This is not a sponsored post or partnership with Great Wolf Lodge just the opinions of one mom speaking from experience.For years I have seen posts from friends around the country who have visited Great Wolf Lodge. I always thought it would be fun. So when they opened one in Lagrange, Ga (approximately an hour […]

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Say What? Now You Need Me to get My Kid to Talk?!

Simple activities for helping your child meet their speech and language milestones As a mother, I wanted my baby to be healthy and meet all of his developmental milestones. As Speech Language Pathologist, I not only wanted him to meet all of his speech and language milestones but meet them early.  During my son’s younger years, each […]

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Alexa…The “Other woman” in our house!

We are a family of three, however about a year ago, we added a member to our family. No, we did not have a baby nor did we adopt a pet. This new family member has a name and it is “Alexa.” By now, a lot of people know “Alexa;” however, if you do not,  […]

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Surviving the "After Holiday Blues"

Surviving the “After Holiday Blues”

The jingle bells have stopped ringing, there is no mistletoe hanging, no icicle links twinkling…yep the doldrums of Winter begin at 12:01 am December 26. If you are like me, then the “after holiday blues” have started to set in. It can be a very dark (and cold) place. The anticipation of  Christmas and all […]

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