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Parents & Kids - Taking Care of Both

Parents and Kids – Taking Care of Both

What is the old saying about making plans?  While I was writing, and rewriting a completely different post, that’s just what happened to our family. Within one week, my mom wound up in the ER for shortness of breath and chest pains. Just a few days later – my father-in-law found himself faced with his […]

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A Classic Southern Summer Wedding Appetizer

A few years ago, one of my very best friends was married at an old plantation in south Georgia.  The wedding was everything a southern summer wedding should be.  Hot, loud, fun, full of family – and most of all – loaded with fabulous food.  

Along with a few of my fellow bridesmaids, we found our way to the chocolate fountain, but before that, we finished off the best appetizer I’ve ever had in my life.  I truly believe this amazing concoction was liquid gold in a pan.  I’ve never had anything better on a cracker and know I never will.  

The night ended in a cheese fog and I knew I had to have this heavenly recipe.  The Bride sent it to me – I was too elated to ever ask where this most amazing recipe came from, but in my book, it was delivered straight from Heaven.  

While the wedding was fun and memorable, of course, it is with great affection I remember the most amazing dip I’ve ever had or will have.  My family makes this for everything – football Sunday, holidays, birthdays, for no reason at all – because!  

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