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The Real Reason I’m Crying at the Bus Stop

Picture in your mind the final scene in the movie Rocky.  Sylvester Stallone dripping with sweat and blood, puffy eyed, bruised and battered, more than a little dazed.  He’s just put up the biggest fight of his life and the crowd is going wild.  He only has the strength to cry out, “Adrian!  Aaaadriaaan!” This […]

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Swipe left for life balance.

Tinder Therapy: What Every Mom Needs

Raise your hand if “Life Balance” made your New Year’s Resolution list this year. Again. In Dr. Phil fashion, I’d like to ask, “How’s that working for you?” Let me guess. You started a new diet, went to the gym twice, scheduled a babysitter for a date night, and bought a fancy new planner that […]

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The Irony of My Infertility Journey | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

The Irony of My Infertility Journey

Most people’s story of infertility begins when they can’t get pregnant. Mine started because I could. In 2004 my bank accounts were empty, my credit cards maxed out, and I hadn’t yet found a job for the next school year.  Suddenly the advertisements I heard on the radio for egg donors were tempting.  I figured […]

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