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Homemade Gnocchi with Blackberry Ricotta

If you have ever wanted to experiment with homemade pasta, gnocchi is a great place to start!

Gnocchi is a dumpling but technically falls into the pasta category too. It comes from the Italian word for “Knuckles,” or some say it translates to “Lumps” (should be Delicious Lumps, if you ask me!). It’s made from a mixture of flour and potatoes. It’s a fairly easy food to make, and while it’s not super time consuming, you’ll feel like you accomplished something major when you’re eating this delicious dish!

My whole family loves this, including the 4 and 2-year old picky eaters. The buttery, chewy gnocchi topped with blackberry ricotta has a nutty, fruity, sweet and salty bite that everyone loves. My husband is not a ricotta fan, but he loved when blackberry preserves were mixed in – it becomes a borderline dessert when something sweet is added! 

If you want to get even more exploratory, you can experiment with making your own ricotta. But for this recipe, I kept it simple and used store bought. Make a veggie along with this, and you’ve got yourself a nice weekend meal!

Gnocchi Finished


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