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Would Your Child Follow a Stranger for Puppies?

The moment my first child began walking my greatest fear in life changed. Previously, it was the thought of being covered by hundreds of cockroaches with no escape in sight (which is still my second greatest fear). However, when my toddler began exploring the world on her own two feet, my greatest fear became child […]

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A Weekend in the City, All Alone!

At least once or twice a year, I pack up a bag, use our hotel points, and drive thirty minutes into the city for the weekend- ALL ALONE. I even leave my husband and best friends behind. I check-in to my hotel and fall on the pristine white sheets. While I lie there, I only […]

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She Wears Short Shorts, But Why?

When I ordered my kids soccer clothes, the shorts were exactly the same. They were the same color, same fabric, and same length. Duh, you’re thinking. They all do the same things in soccer. Why would their clothes be different because of their gender? That’s an awesome question because, when you shop at any clothing […]

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The Art of Unleashing

“How was Disney?” I recently asked one of my friends. Any mom who has ever taken her kids to Disney knows this question requires more than just a simple response. I expected a story containing equal parts frustration and happiness to follow, and I wasn’t disappointed. At the end she said, “sorry to unleash on […]

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enjoy the little things

Rule No. 32: Enjoy the Little Things

My alarm clock every morning is the sound of baby elephants leisurely coming down our stairs from their bedroom. I automatically move the pillows surrounding my body in order to have a clear side for each child to snuggle against. This one particular morning, I feel only my six-year-old daughter take my sleepy limp arm […]

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Shaping Young Minds: Your Baby’s Brain Development

The phrase “knowledge is power” is really a pregnant woman’s code for “the more I learn about child-rearing, the more I completely freak out!” During my first pregnancy, Amazon couldn’t complete its promise on two-day shipping before I was ordering yet another baby book which would freak me out further. Not to mention my mother […]

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Saving the Earth: Ideas for Every Type of Mom

Saving the Earth: Ideas for Every Type of Mom

I swear I’m not going to preach to you about saving the Earth. My devotion ebbs and flows on a daily basis. Some days I’m very deliberate about recycling even the smallest scrap of paper (my kids are obsessed with scissors). Other days I only have energy to yell out, “turn off the water!”  In […]

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Patiently Raising Independent Children

Don’t forget to tip your server, I think for the millionth time today. Whether my son needs more milk, or my daughter can’t find one of her teeny tiny stuffed animals (we are single-handedly keeping the Beanie Baby Company in the black), I feel as if I went wrong somewhere. Has my basic need to […]

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National Wear Red Day – February 2, 2018

  The topic of cardiovascular health has never been as personal to me as it was on December 12, 2017. I lost my father to a sudden heart attack. Not only had he just recovered from successful coronary stent surgery, but he had a pacemaker that tried and failed to shock his heart several times. […]

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