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Whining Gets You Nowhere

Need I say more? I currently have a 4-year-old who thinks whining will help. News alert: it doesn’t, son. It only makes me want to hit my head against the wall and eventually run for the hills. But luckily, I haven’t run away and continue to love and care for my children #greatparenting. I am […]

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Colors of the Rainbow : Behavior Charts | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

Colors of the Rainbow: Behavior Charts

Awesome orange, yahoo yellow, good day green, watch out white, and then there’s boo-hoo blue. Welcome to the behavior chart in my son’s kindergarten class. Some of us are all too familiar with charts indicating the type of day our kid had. Well, I’m over it. Up until about two or three months ago, these […]

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The Real Momma | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

The Real Momma

We have all read the books, manuals, and websites on what to do when your child get’s a fever, is teething, or having a meltdown in the middle of the store. Where is that manual when you really need it? Well, after having three kids, the manual was thrown out the window after child 1.5 (teehee!). […]

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