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5 Ways to Throw A Beautiful and Affordable Baby Shower

If baby shower season is a thing, it appears to be now! I’m personally throwing two showers as well as going to I don’t know how many at this point. Hosting any type of shower can be fun and exciting but can also get expensive. So here are a few tips if you’re ever in […]

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What’s a Mom to do with #metoo?

Yes, I posted this hashtag this fall – as did the majority of my friends.  The screaming pendulum of sexual misconduct allegations finally made this topic more socially acceptable for discussion; its constant appearance also made me think about my son.  My 12-year-old boy-man is growing up;  welcome to the body changes, hormone swings, and […]

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National Day of Unplugging

It seems like there’s a National Day for everything now. There’s a National Pizza Day, a National Donut Day. Y’all- there’s even a National Ferret Day.  But did you know that there’s a National Day of Unplugging? There is and it’s March 9th!  Now, we all know it’s good for us (and our kids) to […]

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