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The Real Reason I’m Crying at the Bus Stop

Picture in your mind the final scene in the movie Rocky.  Sylvester Stallone dripping with sweat and blood, puffy eyed, bruised and battered, more than a little dazed.  He’s just put up the biggest fight of his life and the crowd is going wild.  He only has the strength to cry out, “Adrian!  Aaaadriaaan!” This […]

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To Pre-K We Go!

To Pre-K We Go!

 I knew someday, likely sooner rather than later, the day would come.  I’ve dreaded it for some time now, hemmed and hawed over making the big decision. I’ve tried to justify putting it off month after month, year after year.  Now the time has finally come, my anxiety is through the roof… Charleigh June is […]

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Accepting My Son's Autism Diagnosis

Accepting My Son’s Autism Diagnosis

A year ago, in August, my youngest son Jaxon was diagnosed with nonverbal autism. For my husband and me, this was not news. It was confirmation of what we already knew. Although we knew this, the reality of the autism diagnosis was still hard and overwhelming.  I remember crying when I would discuss his diagnosis. […]

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Take Me Home Country Road

Seven years ago I left Springfield, Illinois a newlywed and moved to the big city of Houston, Texas. Apartment living was tough, the city (and suburbs, for that matter) diverse, and everything was much bigger. It was a completely different lifestyle there, much more fast paced, and left me longing for boring old Springfield. Not […]

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