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Why this Working Mom Feels Guilty…..the Reason May Surprise You

Before I became a mom, I always knew I would continue to work and had no intention of becoming a full-time homemaker. Not that staying at home isn’t an underrated job – it’s probably the most important life skill one can manage. I enjoyed my profession, it gave me a sense of purpose and satisfaction. I […]

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An Hour in the Life of a Burn Boot Camp Rookie

An Hour in the Life of a Burn Boot Camp Rookie

Atlanta Area Moms Blog is partnering with Burn Boot Camp to bring you this post. All opinions are those of the contributor.Two moms walk into a Burn Boot Camp. One exercise every day eats well and has mastered the burpee. She’s confident that she is going to slay this workout, but also that she probably […]

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Shaping Young Minds: Your Baby’s Brain Development

The phrase “knowledge is power” is really a pregnant woman’s code for “the more I learn about child-rearing, the more I completely freak out!” During my first pregnancy, Amazon couldn’t complete its promise on two-day shipping before I was ordering yet another baby book which would freak me out further. Not to mention my mother […]

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You are Not Alone :: #fliptheswitch :: National Infertility Awareness Week

You never know just how much you want something until you’re told you can’t have it.  At the age of 18, I was told I wouldn’t be able to conceive without the help of modern medicine. Before that, I’d had absolutely zero interest in having a child of my own, and was adamant about adopting. […]

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