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One Mom's Review of Atlanta Activities for Kids Under 3

One Mom’s Review of Atlanta Activities for Kids Under 3

When we first moved here last year, I was eager to find a community of moms. I spent hours searching for activities to take my ever-social little one to. Finding Atlanta activities for kids under 3 proved to be a far more difficult (but not impossible!) challenge than I realized. One year later, we’ve finally […]

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When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Work Out

World Breastfeeding Week was not too long ago. It is a wonderful celebration of women feeding their babies in the most natural and (arguably) the healthiest way possible. However, breastfeeding might not work for all. When I had my baby, I planned to breastfeed for the first year. While in the hospital, with nurses and […]

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Things You Need to Know About Pregnancy, Delivery, Postpartum & Motherhood

Growing up, or while trying to conceive, we all have this picture in our mind about how beautiful pregnancy will be, and tend to neglect thinking about the ‘ugly.’  Pregnancy, delivery (be it a vaginal birth or c-section), postpartum, and motherhood aren’t as smooth and picture-perfect as you may think. In some ways I was […]

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Saying Yes to Help :: More Difficult Than it Sounds

Almost four years ago, Charleigh June made me a mother for the very first time. We had waited a long time for that day, and I was determined to be the Best Mommy Ever.  I wanted to be SuperMom, and do every single thing by myself.  But the truth was, I was struggling, losing bits […]

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