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Kaden and his Grandpa, May 2018

Imaginary Grandpa

I believe that imaginary friends are a healthy part of a child’s development. I think that it demonstrates a strong creative mind and I encourage it. My older son frequently invited Bambi the deer, and Spirit the horse to move in with us when he was little. I’m familiar with having an extra personality in the room […]

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An Hour in the Life of a Burn Boot Camp Rookie

An Hour in the Life of a Burn Boot Camp Rookie

Atlanta Area Moms Blog is partnering with Burn Boot Camp to bring you this post. All opinions are those of the contributor.Two moms walk into a Burn Boot Camp. One exercise every day eats well and has mastered the burpee. She’s confident that she is going to slay this workout, but also that she probably […]

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cars keys

How to Avoid Locking Your Kids in the Car

A couple weeks ago, T and I were planning on going to storytime. We didn’t realize most library branches take a break from storytime in May. We were already running late. I always put my keys and cell phone on top of my car while I’m getting T in and out. T was out of […]

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Say What? Now You Need Me to get My Kid to Talk?!

Simple activities for helping your child meet their speech and language milestones As a mother, I wanted my baby to be healthy and meet all of his developmental milestones. As Speech Language Pathologist, I not only wanted him to meet all of his speech and language milestones but meet them early.  During my son’s younger years, each […]

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Saying Yes to Help :: More Difficult Than it Sounds

Almost four years ago, Charleigh June made me a mother for the very first time. We had waited a long time for that day, and I was determined to be the Best Mommy Ever.  I wanted to be SuperMom, and do every single thing by myself.  But the truth was, I was struggling, losing bits […]

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