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My Diverse World

I live in Gwinnett County, one of the fastest growing counties in terms of diversity. I love that I can eat at local restaurants and eat food from around the world. Especially street tacos with homemade corn tortillas. I have neighbors that are of different nationalities. They are Mexican, African, Asian, Black, White, Central and […]

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Surviving the "After Holiday Blues"

Surviving the “After Holiday Blues”

The jingle bells have stopped ringing, there is no mistletoe hanging, no icicle links twinkling…yep the doldrums of Winter begin at 12:01 am December 26. If you are like me, then the “after holiday blues” have started to set in. It can be a very dark (and cold) place. The anticipation of  Christmas and all […]

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Kids in the Community 5

Kids In the Community: MLK Day of Service

The first of the year has come and gone and many of us are still in holiday hangover mode and feeling drained of both energy & money, or is that just me?. We’re getting used to how the house looks without all that fun & festive décor and getting back into the swing of things […]

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New Year’s Resolutions from My 7-Month-Old Daughter

Most parents know that a bedtime routine works wonders for smoothly getting their infant or toddler to bed. My daughter rarely misses a step in her bedtime routine because infants like predictability, and we like having a happy baby. With a new year beginning, many of you are likely making New Year’s resolutions about how […]

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It's 2018! Are You A Remarkable New You? :Atlanta Area Moms Blog:

It’s 2018! Are You A Remarkable New You?

I love the new year. It brings a sense of newness to life and a chance to restart a worn out battery. It brings out self-challenges and forces you to explore your past experiences and make aspirations to be a better you in the future. It’s challenging, you know, setting a personal goal, a new […]

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