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A View from the Other Side

This is a sponsored post with our partner Casting Duo. We all do it. We scroll through social media looking at perfectly curated profiles of other moms with their clean homes, educational crafts for their children, and a colorful dinner on the table (which their perfect children are eating, or course). You know deep down […]

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Saving the Earth: Ideas for Every Type of Mom

Saving the Earth: Ideas for Every Type of Mom

I swear I’m not going to preach to you about saving the Earth. My devotion ebbs and flows on a daily basis. Some days I’m very deliberate about recycling even the smallest scrap of paper (my kids are obsessed with scissors). Other days I only have energy to yell out, “turn off the water!”  In […]

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Alexa…The “Other woman” in our house!

We are a family of three, however about a year ago, we added a member to our family. No, we did not have a baby nor did we adopt a pet. This new family member has a name and it is “Alexa.” By now, a lot of people know “Alexa;” however, if you do not,  […]

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Replacing Mom Guilt With Grace.

I am guilty. Guilty of being the mom who drowns herself in the mom guilt pool. Mom guilt is the worst and it’s so hard to not feel guilty about practically everything these days.  Honestly, thanks to Google, I once actually convinced myself my toddler had swallowed a battery and his stomach was going to […]

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wheat sunshine

Who am I: Finding Your Identity in the Chaos of Life

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Seeds of Hope Counseling. Wife. Mother. Daughter. Friend. Sister. As women we can have so many titles. Business woman. Carpool driver. Caretaker. Head of the Household. Organizer. Just like the titles we are given, our expected “roles” feel endless. With all these identities circling around us, […]

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