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Love in the Time of Toddlers

Do you remember the days before children? When Valentine’s Day meant your partner spoiled you with roses and fine jewelry? Maybe they showered you with attention and took you out to the fanciest restaurant in town. Date nights involved wine, romance, and stays at beautiful hotels. Spontaneity was half of the fun. Saturday nights and […]

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My Sometimes Hard to Love Valentine: Why I chose the James Avery Mother’s Love Ring

Most of the jewelry I wear has a lot of emotional meaning behind it. But never has a piece of jewelry evoked such an outwardly emotional response from me until I saw the James Avery Mother’s Love collection. Now it could’ve been because I was having a hard parenting day (or week…or month…) but the […]

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New Year, Do You!

New Year, Do You!

I recently gathered with some girlfriends for a very Ya-Ya Sisterhood sort of night. We built a bonfire, wrote down things we wanted to rid from our lives in the coming year, and burned each one. Some quietly jotted down their problems, held them close, and silently dropped them into the fire. Others shared very […]

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Already Tired of Resolutions? Try Goals Instead! :Atlanta Area Moms Blog:

Already Tired of Resolutions? Try Goals Instead!

Ahh, the New Year’s Resolution. Every year January 1st arrives and we make resolutions and anxiously look forward to a new year. And every year it’s a challenge for most people to even remember their resolutions weeks later. Research shows that fewer than 10% of people keep their resolutions for longer than three months. Being […]

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My Son's Two Left Feet and One Big Grin

My Son’s Two Left Feet and One Big Grin

Watching my little boy play sports is like having an out-of-body experience. He is – at least physically – me. Three paces behind the other children on his two left feet. But it’s there that our similarities end. While my body physically responds (think sweat and hot cheeks) to the memory of anxiety and shame, […]

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What's your one word of the year

What’s Your Word?

A few years ago, my New Year’s resolution was to never again make a New Year’s resolution. I had a bad habit of setting my goals way too high and then falling short every single year which left me feeling like a total failure. I would decide on New Year’s Eve (probably after eating pizza […]

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