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One Mom's Review of Atlanta Activities for Kids Under 3

One Mom’s Review of Atlanta Activities for Kids Under 3

When we first moved here last year, I was eager to find a community of moms. I spent hours searching for activities to take my ever-social little one to. Finding Atlanta activities for kids under 3 proved to be a far more difficult (but not impossible!) challenge than I realized. One year later, we’ve finally […]

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From a Teacher: One email I wish I'd received from my students' parents

From a Teacher: One Email I Wish I’d Received from My Students’ Parents

Ryan (name changed) was one of my students several years ago. He was a good student, and generally quiet. He often sat with his legs stretched out beneath the desk and his chin resting in his hand. One day–he happened to be sitting in the front row, center seat–we both found ourselves laughing at a […]

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The Top Eleven Books [That Kept Me Moving Toward the Sunshine]

I am a reader. A nerdy, book-loving, writing-obsessed, former-thesaurus-carrying, wannabe-author.  Except then I became a mom to three precious, demanding, time-consuming little humans and people would say hey, you should read this book and I would basically laugh until I cried. WHEN? I never found a minute or – rather – carved out a minute […]

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The Art of Unleashing

“How was Disney?” I recently asked one of my friends. Any mom who has ever taken her kids to Disney knows this question requires more than just a simple response. I expected a story containing equal parts frustration and happiness to follow, and I wasn’t disappointed. At the end she said, “sorry to unleash on […]

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Things You Need to Know About Pregnancy, Delivery, Postpartum & Motherhood

Growing up, or while trying to conceive, we all have this picture in our mind about how beautiful pregnancy will be, and tend to neglect thinking about the ‘ugly.’  Pregnancy, delivery (be it a vaginal birth or c-section), postpartum, and motherhood aren’t as smooth and picture-perfect as you may think. In some ways I was […]

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Why this Working Mom Feels Guilty…..the Reason May Surprise You

Before I became a mom, I always knew I would continue to work and had no intention of becoming a full-time homemaker. Not that staying at home isn’t an underrated job – it’s probably the most important life skill one can manage. I enjoyed my profession, it gave me a sense of purpose and satisfaction. I […]

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