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Protect Your Family Dog from Heat Stroke

Earlier this summer, I killed my beloved, happy dog.  It wasn’t on purpose, and it wasn’t violent. One June evening I took him and our other dog for a run. We jogged 4.5 miles, a distance we’d easily covered together in the recent past. But even though it was twilight, temperatures were still in the […]

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How to Avoid Locking Your Kids in the Car

A couple weeks ago, T and I were planning on going to storytime. We didn’t realize most library branches take a break from storytime in May. We were already running late. I always put my keys and cell phone on top of my car while I’m getting T in and out. T was out of […]

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On Parenting and Anxiety

The first night home after my son was born, I slept for 15 minutes total. We tried for this miracle baby for years and suffered 4 consecutive miscarriages before he was born. When I left for the hospital to be induced, I still hadn’t allowed myself to fully believe we would bring our baby home. […]

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What’s a Mom to do with #metoo?

Yes, I posted this hashtag this fall – as did the majority of my friends.  The screaming pendulum of sexual misconduct allegations finally made this topic more socially acceptable for discussion; its constant appearance also made me think about my son.  My 12-year-old boy-man is growing up;  welcome to the body changes, hormone swings, and […]

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5 Ways to Help Your Kids Overcome Fear of the Dentist

As a dentist, I’ve gotten used to people not wanting to spend time with me. The prospect of someone rooting around in your mouth, using a drill, or administering a shot is unpleasant—and I understand why many feel anxious. Instead of taking it personally, I use the opportunity to help my patients learn to cope […]

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Family Fire Safety & Prevention Tips

Family Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

Once upon a time, a four(ish) year-old little girl and her six(ish) year-old older brother had the best of intentions on a cold winter morning in the pacific northwest; they were going to clean the ash from the fireplace as a favor for their parents. Those good intentions, however, resulted in lit embers making their […]

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