NPC Bikini Fitness Journey – 5 Weeks Out

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated you all on my quest to be on stage! I’ve done a lot to prepare since the last time I blogged. In my initial blog, I wrote about my fitness journey up until I decided to sign up for a bikini prep. Now that I’ve signed up for one, there are so many little things I wasn’t aware of that I’d like to share with you.


For the most part, you cannot buy a competition bikini off the rack. There are a bunch of rules on the cut, color, and amount of bling. After doing a lot of research, I was extremely excited to see that there was a completion bikini maker in the metro Atlanta area. I went to the home office of Christine from Waterbabies to try on a bunch of suits. She took my measurements which were a source of frustration with the online sellers since I wasn’t sure what and where to measure. Here are pictures of bikinis I tried on. Some of them don’t actually fit, but I was able to get an idea of color and bling that I wanted.


Posing in 5-inch heels is going to be the death of me. As a mom, I’d rather be in sneakers to run after the kids. As a fitness freak, I’d rather be in sneakers. As an overall normal person, I’d rather be in sneakers. These 5-inch heels are a thorn in my side. I have to wear them to make my legs look good, but I won’t look too good if I fall on my face. So I must practice walking in them constantly. The moment I get home, instead of cozy slippers, I slide on these shoes.


I’d say that I’m a decent dancer, and I thought posing would come naturally. Nope. It sucks. I have to pose in a way to make my body look good for the judges. I headed over to House of Payne in Lilburn to get some tricks from posing master Steve Payne. Dear Lord, I need some help. 

Meal Prepping

Having the right meals portioned out is key for me to stick the macro nutrients I need for my body. Otherwise, I might run into issues of wanting to eat the macaroni and cheese that my kids are eating. I’ve gotten the hang of eating out of Tupperware every day. I also make sure I’ve got my food with me at all times. It might look crazy to carry food with you all the time, but I have to do what I have to do.


If you follow me on Instagram (@onehardworkingmama), you’ll see that I’ve posted some of the food from refeed days. My refeed days includes a lot, and I mean a lot of carbs. Last week’s refeed had 2 cups of pancake mix with syrup, 2 bagels, 2 ice cream cones, and 2 cups of egg whites. On top of that, I have to eat what I normally eat every day. Many of my friends are like, “I want to be on your diet.” The diet works for me because I’ve been training hard and that the high carb day is only a day – not every day.

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