Hilarious Phrases from Preschoolers

We all know it is true.

Preschooler’s say and do the funniest things. 

And most of the time, they are saying these things at the most awkward times. I am certain they like to see us sweat under pressure. 

For me, my preschooler goes around the house saying, “Sorry, kids.” With a shoulder shrug when he is asked to do something that he’d rather not do. He is also on an “Oh, crap” kick which I cannot figure out where it came from, or how to stop it. I think he knows it is the fine line between,”I shouldn’t say this,” and “I am going to push the limits and say it just one. more. time.” And another time after that.

So it got me thinking. What else are these little people saying across the country?

I began the chat on my Dayswithgrey Instagram feed, and the comments are hilarious!

Which preschool phrases are your favorite? 

“She (2) was standing just watching me get frustrated with a cabinet door that was stuck. She had nothing in her hands, doing nothing but watching. When I asked her for a hug to ease my frustration she replied, ‘I can’t. I’m just so busy'”. Instagram User: @treehouse_schoolhouse

“My 2.5 year old calls me a baby as an insult every day. ‘Pour me some juice baby.'” Instagram User:@Estherhaston

“We were putting my daughter to bed and she says, ‘Okay here’s the deal. I’m going to sleep in my bed and you sleep in your bed.'” Instagram User:@Heartofdeborah

“Happy toddler turned full on tantrum to crying and whining, ‘I don’t want Pop to come, he’s going to eat all of my animal crackers!’ What makes it so funny is that there is absolutely not truth to this.”

“I asked my3-year-oldd if he wanted tomato soup for lunch and he replied, ‘quite possibly.’ – Who is this kid?!”

“This morning trying to remind my 2.5 year old that he needs to wear underwear or pants in the sandbox I asked, so what do we do when we play in the sandbox? His response, ‘poop.’ Nooooo, wrong answer!”

“My preschooler asked if the baby would nibble a tiny hole in my tummy to come out.”

What does your preschooler say that cracks you up? 

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One Response to Hilarious Phrases from Preschoolers

  1. Jen
    Jen April 24, 2017 at 10:09 am #

    Too funny!! Preschoolers are the best!