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I’ll be honest, Valentine’s Day is not my favorite holiday (apologies to those of you who love it). We are not the mushy gushy type so we try to get creative every year with date ideas for Valentine’s. So, if you’re stuck wondering what to do with your husband and want to do more than the typical Netflix and chill date night, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

1. Host a Dance Class Together

Wait, before you think there’s no way your husband would do this, believe me, my husband is the last person who I would’ve thought to take a dance class (he’s a typical jock, manly man) but this was actually his idea! He hired a swing dance instructor, he rented out a place, and we invited a bunch of our couple friends to join us. It was SO fun! We learned a few dance moves and laughed a lot together along with a bunch of our friends. If you want something more intimate, you can go to dinner before or after the class with just the two of you!

2. Valentine’s Karaoke

Can’t sing worth a lick? That’s ok! All you need to do is host the event,  invite all your friends over, and make them sing all the songs! This is another date night full of fun and laughs! You can make a requirement that all the songs have to be love songs.

3. Go Restaurant Hopping

Mix up the traditional date night dinner by trying out a few different restaurants in one night! Atlanta has so many restaurant options to choose from, this is a way to try out multiple restaurants at once. You could just get an appetizer, dessert, or a drink at the bar at each one.

4. Get Creative Together

Find something creative that you would both enjoy doing together and do that! Some examples of getting creative together would be, take a creative class together like cooking or pottery. Paint together, re-finish a furniture piece together (just make sure it’s not something too stressful, the last thing you want to do is end the celebrating love day by arguing). Get creative!

5. Serve Together

Something my husband and I try to do for Thanksgiving and Christmas is to serve somewhere together. This can be anything from serving at a soup kitchen to helping out a family you know who is in need. Thinking about who to serve together is almost just as fun as the serving part!

Love is so much more than chocolate candies, red hearts, and roses. It takes work, it’s hard at times, and it’s messy. Take advantage of this Valentine’s by brainstorming something fun and creative that will bring you closer and remind you why you love doing life together!

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  1. Catherine
    Catherine February 9, 2018 at 9:47 am #

    Dance party !! Yes! What a fun idea – and I want to learn how to swing and salsa!!