Adulting Myths

As a kid, I thought there would be a magical moment when adulthood opened up in front of me. Like a bright shining light, it would have Olivia Newton-John roller skating through it (because I grew up in the 80s and ONJ was the Queen! Hey – it was before Beyonce). That light never happened, and man, that was a huge disappointment. 

Here are a few of the things I expected from that non-existent rainbow-light-roller-skating-still-not-over-it moment: 

1. I would get all the answers.

Adults seemed to know ALL THE THINGS when I was young. Now that I’m an adult, I wonder where they got those answers? I grew up WAY before the google

2. There will be no more drama or bullies.

Young bullies grow up to be…old bullies. Yeah, there are some who grow out of it, but not as many as you would think. Bullies and those who love to stir up drama can be found at all ages and in all industries.

3. Blemish-free skin.

Adult acne?! Why is this a thing? I thought this was a puberty-related condition and once I got to the other side it would be gone! And surprise pimples can be found anywhere you have skin. I KNOW, RIGHT? 

4. I would finally get IT together. 

You guys, there have been days when I’ve worn mismatched shoes to work. Not only that, but I didn’t realize they were mismatched until MUCH later than acceptable. I have no clue how to do my hair or makeup. Each-and-every-day, I wonder if I’m doing a good job as a Mom, wife, employee, sister/friend/human being, and question myself all. the. time. I imagined that by this age I would be more graceful, agile…and together.

I may have toothpaste in my hair while I drive to the dermatologist, but there is one BIG thing I did get on my trip to adulthood: Caring less what others think about my mismatched shoes or their drama. I’m also really good at googling.  

Okay, so maybe I have learned something. What about you? What have you learned? 

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