Blind Dating: Mom Seeking Moms

Married mom of two seeks other moms for long lasting friendship and playdates. By other moms, I mean not like regular moms, but cool moms. And by playdates, I mean gossiping in the kitchen while our children destroy the playroom. And by long lasting friendship, I mean you must ride the hot mess express with me and promise not to jump off. I like long walks down the aisles of Target, I love Jesus and His wine, I’m pro leggings (that’s not debatable), and Amazon Prime is one of my love languages. Must be non-judgmental (of me), not easily offended, and be an obsessive picture taker.

If there is one thing about motherhood that no one can prepare you for, it’s loneliness. Which is funny because you are actually never alone. The days turn into long, monotonous weeks and before you know it, you can’t remember the last time you had an adult conversation. And no, your husband does not count. You can have the most supportive, helpful, and understanding husband out there, but I promise you unless he’s given birth, he’s not on your level. And neither is your best friend since high school because she compares taking care of her dogs to raising kids. Nope. 

So that just leaves you with finding other moms. Moms who understand the confusing feeling of finally getting your kids in bed and then instantly missing them. Who have spent $200 at the grocery store only to order pizza for dinner. Moms who get their kids Chick-fil-A for lunch, but then take it inside McDonald’s because the playground is bigger.

Where do you find these mythical mom creatures you ask? You go on a Mommy Blind Date, of course! And that’s exactly what I did. I completely JUMPED out of my comfort zone, posting an open call for a moms night out in my local Facebook mom’s group. I suggested the restaurant, date and time, and said I would be there no matter what. Putting it out there like that meant that I couldn’t cancel for Netflix and yoga pants. I thought, “if I plan it, they will come.” And if not, at least I got out of the house only having to carry my small purse and not a diaper bag. It was a win, win situation. 

I arrived at the restaurant and to my surprise, it was extremely busy. Apparently, lots of people leave their house after dark. Once I stalked and fought for a seat at the bar, I realized that I had no idea how any of the moms that said they might show up would find me. So I solved the problem like any veteran mom would. I grabbed one of the balloons the restaurant gives out to kids and tied it to the back of my chair. So now not only was I sitting at the bar alone, I also looked like I was celebrating my birthday alone. “I’m still a cool mom,” I whispered to myself and ordered some liquid courage. 

Just as I was starting to question my sanity for thinking this might actually work, I saw them. Two women were staring at their phones and then scanning the restaurant. I thought they must be trying to recognize and find me from my profile picture. We made eye contact and I waved my balloon at them. I could tell they were just as nervous and awkward as I was. But you know what? They showed up. They showed up, y’all. These women showed up to meet a complete stranger at a restaurant. A complete stranger from Facebook, nonetheless. I realized that if they had the courage to do that, then they needed this night just as much as I did. 

By the end of the night, there were six of us total. Six different moms of all ages, with kids of all ages. Six different life stories were told. There were more laughs than I can count, a few tears, one mended friendship, and definitely a night to remember. 

Have you ever been on a Mommy Blind Date? If you are a mom looking for other moms, check out Atlanta Area Moms Blog Neighborhood Groups.

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2 Responses to Blind Dating: Mom Seeking Moms

  1. Brittni
    Brittni February 10, 2017 at 7:00 am #

    So funny, lol, good for you!

  2. Jen
    Jen February 13, 2017 at 10:44 am #

    This is amazing! You are SO BRAVE (and hilarious)!