First Time Moms Gonna First-Time-Mom

I know I’m not the only one. You’re a first-time mom and (what feels like) EVERYONE has something to say about the way you parent. Normally it’s not meant to harm us, but to just offer a bit of advice. However, there’s  a handful of people that do make comments like “Well, I did…” or “You should…” or my favorite “There’s nothing wrong with your baby, they just…”  Well, first-time moms, this one goes out to you! I’m going to have a little mom rant for all of us because first-time moms gonna first-time-mom (thanks, T-Swift & yes, we just created some new verbiage there).

First, parenting has changed A LOT, even over the past 5 years or so. Maybe something a pediatrician would have said then is obsolete now or doesn’t exist anymore. Regulations are always changing ESPECIALLY when it comes to child rearing. How long should they rear face (totally team rear face forever over here)? What about co-sleeping? Bed sharing? Breastfeeding? Formula feeding? Bottle feeding? LIKE WHAT? There are so many things! Not even kidding guys, you can typically find one article that’s all for one thing and then find another that says if you do it you’ll be in parent time-out for eternity. Not to mention all of the baby products that have been invented and introduced over the past few years. So, to you “when my kids were small” moms, that’s nice and all, BUT first-time moms gonna first-time-mom.

Second, even though it may be hard to believe surely you had your “moments” as well. You know those “moments”…the “you sure do hold your baby a lot,” or “you should let other people hold your baby,” or intensely watching to make sure they don’t get a scratch on their play date. And you know what’s so great about those moments? It’s OK because having a child for the first time (or second or third) warrants you never putting them down, never handing them off, and protecting them with your life. So to you, the mom who has become insensitive to these moments, first-time moms gonna first-time-mom.

Finally, I can and most likely will (because PARANOIA, raising a human here people) freak out about every. little. thing. I’ll waist a few gallons of gas going to the pediatrician’s office, I’ll stay up all night just to make sure that little chest is still rising and falling, and I’ll blow a few hundred dollars on clothes that they’ll only wear once. But that’s ok. Why? Because I’ll do it, you did it, your mom did it, your sister did it, your BFF did it. Be confident in your journey as a first-time mom. It’s ok because first-time moms gonna first-time-mom.

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3 Responses to First Time Moms Gonna First-Time-Mom

  1. Lauren
    Lauren July 22, 2016 at 2:42 pm #

    Sure true Jasmin! Just as every mom is different and times change so is every child different! Just do your thing, girl!

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer July 25, 2016 at 8:33 am #

    I try really hard not to give too much advice to new Moms… or any Mom, for that matter. But sometimes it slips out! I think most people have good intentions and truly want to help… and there are those others who are just know-it-alls and want to fall on the sword of having done it first and/or better. There is no one/best/better way to raise a baby. Keep Momming your way.

  3. Annie
    Annie July 29, 2016 at 10:16 am #

    Haha, Jennifer, I also have a policy of not giving advice to first-time moms anymore! I once read that the best exercise is whatever kind of exercise you will actually do, and I think that philosophy applies here is well. The best parenting style is the one that WORKS for you!