note to self

I write notes to myself.  There…I said it.

I sit down, take a breath and write a note to myself just like I would a friend.

Today – I found one. From years ago. And it was exactly what I needed to hear today – all these years later. So today I share my little note to self…maybe it’s one for you as well:

Tomorrow will be different. We will feel better. Everything is harder when everyone is sick. This is temporary. We will find our groove and our rhythm. We will find our way through the school year. I don’t need to pick it apart or long for next year. I can appreciate NOW by FULLY entering into it. 

I am not here to be supermom. I am not here to win an award or approval. I am here to LOVE. To pour into 3 young, amazing kids who will likely change the world. They need ME.  Honest, can-admit-my-faults, fantastic, sometimes-a-little-crazy ME. That’s it. 

They don’t need perfection. They need me. Showing up. Trying. Admitting when I make mistakes. Making MISTAKES. That’s all.

I don’t get a stay if I kick my to-do lists butt. I just need to be faithful. Give. Try. Do. Laugh. And dance whenever possible…

THIS I can do. And I can also trust that God will meet me here and care for my kids. I CAN show up. And be ME. 

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