Why it’s Great Being an Older Mom

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I had my first two children in my mid-20s; I had my last child at 40. Sometimes I forget how wonderful this experience is at this age because being an older Mom comes with its unique challenges. If I had a dollar for every time I heard “advanced maternal age” while I was pregnant or that hilarious time I was asked if my little one was my grandchild…(ahem).

I decided I needed to remember why being an Older Mom is great:

More Sleep

Remember when you have a newborn and you’re told to “sleep when the baby sleeps.” As an Older Mom, you’re so tired (because: old) that it’s more than a recommendation, it’s a necessity. I’ve read that having a child at an older age can keep you young. I don’t know about that. Sometimes I feel young while playing with my little one, but afterward, I’m exhausted! I wasn’t this tired back in my 20’s. 

Less Neurotic

Older Moms have the benefit of some additional life experience, so we don’t stress out over little things. Your toddler ate food from the floor? You don’t freak out and rush to scoop the offending item out of his mouth. Frankly, you may not be able to bend over as quickly and by then it’s already swallowed. Instead, you think, “Nature’s Probiotics” and go on about your day.

Cherish the Moments

With my older kids, I’d think “I can’t wait until they…(crawl, walk, etc.).” Now, I am NOT rushing things. For one, the older he gets, the older I get. Also, I want to savor this time with him because it goes by so fast. I take advantage of every moment because I know they’ll be gone soon. My 15-year-old daughter won’t snuggle with me anymore. What’s up with that?

The next time I get asked “Is that your grandchild,” (which better be NEVER) I will remind myself of these things and how I have the privilege of raising this amazing little person…even at my advanced age. 

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