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We love reading in our house. My husband and I both read nonstop, and with any luck, we will pass on this passion to our daughter. Our daughter’s book collection started with hand-me-down favorites from us, grew as we collected books instead of cards at a baby shower, and expanded, even more, each holiday or outing (when she happened to grab a book off a shelf in the store!).

While I love books, it can occasionally be a challenge to find just the right story with beautiful illustrations. I have spent much longer than I care to admit browsing the pages of Amazon and reading reviews. One thing that has made this task much simpler is following other book-loving mamas on Instagram. Did you know there are tons of accounts dedicated to sharing children’s books (you can find adult book accounts too!)?

Favorite Instagram Accounts for Book Lovers:

TheLittleBookCollector | “Mama and official book curator to Miss 6 Years and Miss 3 Years • Inspiration for your bookshelf ”

screenshot of The Little Book Collector Instagram account

Book.Nerd.Mommy | “Former teacher • momma to 2 • kidslit enthusiast”

screenshot of Book Nerd Mommy Instagram account


screenshot of Tiny Readers Instagram account

diversebooks | “Emphasis on children’s books w/ diverse characters, cultures, themes, and authors.”

screenshot of Diverse Books Instagram account


screenshot of Little Books Big World Instagram account

LittleShopOfStories | “Your local, independent bookstore in Decatur, GA. Check out our website for info on book signings, family events and more!”

screenshot of Little Shop of Stories Instagram account

Also, did you know the Atlanta Area Moms Blog is on Instagram too? Follow us here!

Do you have any favorite book focused Instagram accounts?

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2 Responses to Instagram for Book Lovers

  1. Brittni
    Brittni February 9, 2017 at 6:17 pm #

    Talk about stuff you never realized you’d missed – thanks for these!

    • Traci
      Traci February 9, 2017 at 6:23 pm #

      Haha! Glad to help keep you in the know! 🙂