Literally Don’t Care, Like Literally

I’m not writing this to sound conceited but I think I’ve reached an all time high of self-confidence level. 

How did I come to this conclusion? Well, I realized the other day that when I get up to get dressed, I get dressed for myself. And I literally guys, LIKE LITERALLY, don’t care what ANYONE ELSE thinks. I’m sweat pants rocking, top knot wearing, husband’s t-shirt stealing, ain’t got time for makeup mama and I LOVE it. 

You can’t tell me nothing!

When I just can’t get my hair right, sometimes I’ll ask my husband “Hey, what ya think?” and he always says “Ya, look great babe!” I never believe him. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. All of us should have the right to say whether we look acceptable when we walk out of the front door (or stay in it for all my SAHM/WAHM Warriors). 

I remember being a teenager and getting dressed for school. ALWAYS thinking about what other people would think of my outfit or my hair. I don’t ever remember stopping and asking myself if I thought I looked nice, and man what a waste! Do we even talk to those people after graduation day? We are our biggest critics, and rightly so, we set our own standards for what looks “good.” 

ALL moms unite!

There’s nothing wrong with getting out of bed and putting on jeans, a blouse, and a full face of makeup. In fact, that is AWESOME SAUCE! But in no way should your mommy neighbor feel ashamed or like she has her life less together because she rocks the “I just left the gym” look without a gym membership (totally, utterly, 100% meeeee). 

I’m not trying to give us all an excuse, but I do believe that this message is important. If I ever have a little girl I want her to feel confident in herself and her fashion decisions. I don’t want this world to bring her down the way it has so many other beautiful women. YA LOOK GOOD GIRL! And don’t let anyone tell you differently. Like, literally no one. 

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