It’s the Little Things: How These Fun Foods Make Me Happy

Please note:  This is not a sponsored post. These are just things with which I am personally obsessed.

When was the last time you treated yourself?  And when I say treat yourself, what I really mean is, “Treat Yo Self!”  If you’re not a Parks and Rec fan, please see below for an explanation.

I am all for these luxuries, but there are many “every day” ways to treat yourself too.  Maybe it’s a quick nap, or a trip to the gym, or getting your nails done.  For me, it’s food accessories.  Not main courses or buffets, but the finishing touches that make the meal perfect.  They are the things you crave all day.  The reasons you open the pantry door or the fridge.  The goodies that make you sad when you’ve run out. Some of these have been in my life for a long time, but many are new discoveries that are now “must haves.”

When I was a teenager, I would come home from school, peel a few carrots, fill a bowl with Thousand Island, and indulge in the crunchy goodness while watching Guiding Light.

Publix chocolate chip cookies must have a secret ingredient to make them so yummy. I even got these in care packages in college. They are still my go-to for dessert.











Two words – Avocado Toast. This is my most recent discovery, via word of mouth. Trader Joe’s has bottled the outside of an “everything bagel” and it truly is everything. Sprinkle it over your avocado toast, or just about anything else.

I love this snack and usually have it on a daily basis. It is low calorie, but I really like the flavor and how it fills me up. And my puppy loves playing with the empty bag afterward.













A liquid blanket – this is the best way I can describe Lillie’s Q Ivory sauce. I use it for cooking or just as a dip. It is technically a BBQ sauce but is so much more.

Sparkling Ice has many flavors, but I only have eyes for the Pink Grapefruit. No sugar, no calories, but full of flavor.

Must combine into one snack.  Enough said.

These are just a few of my favorite things.  I hope you enjoy them too.  Just make sure to treat yourself, whenever you can!!
Please comment below on your favorite treats!

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