Looking Good: How to Uniquely Display Your Favorite Photos

When my now-teenagers were little, I would dutifully – and constantly – take their photos with my camera, have them developed, write the dates on the back, and place them neatly in an album.  Nowadays, I only need to scroll through my iPhone to “remember when.” But, I still like to have prints of many of these memories displayed in my house, and they are all up in traditional frames on the walls or shelves. 

We have had a lot of photo milestones in our house lately – first day of school, senior portraits, great uncle’s 90th birthday, etc. So, I decided to get my creative juices flowing and look into some more interesting ways to show our family history. Here are a few of the ideas that I love:

Vacation photos

Find a map (yes, they still exist!) and cut your vacation photos in the shape of the state, or country, you visited. Or, create your own postcard rack!




Holiday photos

Wreaths aren’t just for doors! Inexpensive, plain wreaths are easy to find, and you can glue or pin past holiday photo cards to them. Don’t have a wreath? You can simulate one with a circle of photos on a wall.



School photos

This is a fun idea, especially for your seniors in high school. Create a clock out of photos representing all 12 years of school.  Another idea is to string them up a stairwell or wall with string and clothespins. 


Vintage photos

Get funky with your antique images. Pick up some embroidery hoops to make a memory chandelier, or repurpose an old chair to show off grandma and grandpa’s childhood photos.




There are hundreds of more ways to tell your family’s story – what’s your favorite?



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