Is a play-based preschool right for your child? {Sponsored Post}

Preschoolers have plenty of interests. Their attention span for a certain activity may last a few minutes to a few weeks. Children, in a play-based program, choose the activities they want to pursue based on their current interests and are offered settings to carry out their play.

To choose the most appropriate environment, parents need to think about what is best for their child’s disposition, personality, and propensity for learning. Many kids will thrive in an open, play-based school, and some might be better suited for a more structured setting.

What is a play-based preschool classroom like?

A play-based preschool is typically separated into several sections. A science area, reading nook, block section, kitchen, art, music and more. Children easily move from one activity to the next or stay as long as they like in one section. This may mean they’re playing alone or in small groups.

Chaos doesn’t necessarily reign in a play-based preschool. There will be play but, there will not be silence. Discussion between teachers and students is ongoing. Teachers encourage kids to play and facilitate opportunities for learning along the way while imparting concepts through songs and games.

A play-based preschool at the top of their class.

If a play-based preschool is right for your little ones, then, Little Sunshine’s Playhouse in Alpharetta is the preschool to explore! Serving children ages six weeks through pre-kindergarten, experienced educators teach children lessons, manners, and social skills through creative and preplanned play.

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Our partners at Little Sunshine Playhouse and Preschool have some great tips for selecting the right preschool.

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