Favorite Beauty Products for SAHM

Before I had kids, I would watch What Not to Wear and swear that I would never leave my house looking like I didn’t care about what I looked like or my beauty routine. Then, life happened. Mornings became mad dashes to make it to daycare and school on-time and those days turned into playdates and lacrosse practices. I would look up at 5 o’clock and have no idea where the day went. I recall the day I came home, looked in the mirror, and realized I could be on that show–YIKES!  

Honestly, I don’t love to spend a lot of time on a beauty routine. It always seems stressful because no one ever leaves me alone in the bathroom–ever. I do, however, like to take pride in how I look. I want to feel good when I step out of the house. After some trial and error and trying tons of products, I’ve gotten a better grasp on my “quick” beauty routine and have found products I can’t live without. These are my absolute favorite beauty products for Moms everywhere. They take no time, work great and make me feel amazing.


Favorite Beauty Products for SAHM | Atlanta Area Moms Blog

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