Spring Cleaning and Organization Tips

Spring is here!!! The pollen is coating our cars. Flowers are in full bloom. The weather is the perfect blend of warmth and cool. But my favorite part of the season is Spring Cleaning and Organization. I love the high from purging and getting things ready for spring.

Here are some of my tips.

  1. Make a list of things you may want to clean and organize in each area or room in the house. You can do it yourself or just get one off Pinterest like I do. I start the process in February saving boxes from my son’s pull-ups. I get my favorite cleaning supplies together in one place. Then when I’m ready to start the process, I have everything together. It makes starting the process easy peasy. I’m a huge procrastinator so getting prepared helps me to dive into the task at hand.  
  2. I put the boxes on the table and them “To Sell,” “Donate,” “To Keep” and “Paperwork.” There is also a box for stuff I’m not ready to deal with. It’s not labeled, but if it were, I would call it my junk drawer. 
  3. I get my family involved. There’s a to-do list for each family member. It helps me get the job done. I make it a fun day where we play our favorite music and have snacks and treats for the kids to enjoy.

My tips on getting rid of stuff to donate or sell. 

  1. Is it something I use? Have I worn it recently? Does it fit? If the answer no I decide to donate or sell. Well-loved items go in the donate box and gently used items, which are usually clothes, perfumes, purses, and jewelry, go in the sell box. Places like Clothes Mentor, Kid to Kid and other consignment stores pay you cash on the spot for some items or offer store credit. 
  2. I apply the same method to kitchen appliances. Is this something I use often or is just collecting dust? Do I really need a quesadilla maker? Do I need four loaf pans? When was the last time I used this? If you answer no to any of these questions or just can’t answer the question; then get rid of it. If it is something usable you can sell it online. There are many social sites that are free to post items. If I have more than one item or if it is broken those are good reasons to get rid of it. I go through my pots, pans, plastic containers and dishes. Getting rid of items that are missing pieces like lids for the plastic containers or pans I don’t use anymore. If items are chipped or broken somehow I get rid of those too. It makes my kitchen cabinets easier to keep in order and I know better which items I  have to use or need to replace. 
  3. Kids toys and items are sometimes hard to sort because. My kids are emotionally attached to everything it seems. My daughter sorts her toys with me. I give her a choice and usually, get my way. Gently used toys can be sold online or at a consignment store. I  take mine to the consignment store with the clothes so I can either get cash or store credit. If the toy is broken or missing parts; I donate it.  Same principles can be applied to children’s books. I have donated toys and books to local schools. My son is in an autism pre-k in Gwinnett County and I just recently donated some board books and sensory toys to his classroom. A number of schools gladly accept donations. Just check with your local school to see what they will accept. 
  4. I sort through food and spices to see whether the item is useful, getting rid of any out of date food or spices. I’m on strict low carb diet so bye bye pasta!  If the food still has a good expiration date and is unopened I donate the food to a local food pantry. Cleaning my pantry helps me know what I have so I can either use it in my meal planning or donate it.

Cleaning and Organizing Tips and Hacks

  1. Clean the ceiling fans with a pillowcase. Take the pillowcase and put it on the fan blade. Pull the pillowcase over the fan blade. This is great for getting the dust contained in the and not everywhere. It makes for an easier cleanup. If you need to you spray the fan blade with your cleaner and you don’t have the dust flying everywhere.
  2. Sort the kids’ toys and activities in bins or containers. Many stores have great sales on plastic containers just for this purpose. I use clear ones so I can see the items. I group like items in each container and use a label maker or sharpie to label the container. 
  3. A combination of baking soda, vinegar, and Dawn dish detergent is my go-to cleaner. The cleaner is cheap and effective for cleaning floors, bathtubs, showers and much more. I use 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1 cup white vinegar and 1/3 cup of Dawn dish detergent. My 7-year-old daughter loves mixing this concoction with me. I especially love using this with lemon juice on my vinyl laminate or tile floors. I would not recommend cleaning wood floors with this combination. 

Spring Cleaning can be a daunting task but, the benefits are so worth it. I love making some extra cash and giving back to my community. I have a busy schedule so I break it up into small jobs so I don’t get overwhelmed with the task. You can use whatever you have on hand to store or organize the items you keep. Diaper boxes are sturdy and great for storing items. I hope these tips are helpful and useful. I have donated 5 boxes/bags already and made $100 in selling some of my items. If you have any tips to add please feel free to share in the comments below. Happy Spring Cleaning everyone!

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