There’s a Healthier Me in Here Somewhere…My Search for the Perfect Weight Loss Plan

The start of this year brought a goal so many of us make…to lose weight and get into better shape. I’m getting older and I want to look and feel better. I think a majority of moms feel this way, especially those of us with younger children!

On my birthday last November, I told myself it was time to FINALLY get serious in 2018. I devoted the last four weeks of 2017 to online quizzes and researching things like “the perfect weight loss plan for me.” I wanted to do the research even though I am definitely NOT new to trying to lose a few pounds. In 1987 I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting but let’s just say the healthy habits they taught me back then didn’t stick with me through college, multiple kids and a pretty darn fun life!

I learned about a variety of great (and completely crazy) ways that people try to lose weight. I was genuinely surprised at the number of different programs out there. Mediterranean, Keto, Atkins, Flexitarian, Paleo, Weight Watchers…I could go on and on. It was definitely interesting to learn that a number of people eat 10 pieces of bacon for breakfast while losing weight. Sign me up!

I excitedly settled on a popular low carb diet. A diet where I can eat all the bacon, eggs and steak that I want. A diet that allows the “good carbs” after a two-week carb purge! This all sounded too good to be true so on January 1st I joined the legions of Americans who began their annual weight loss pursuit. And on January 12th I found myself at urgent care suffering from tremendous pain in my feet. Turns out that eating only protein for 12 days isn’t really the healthiest thing for your body. *gasp* This primarily protein diet led to me having a gout diagnosis and so much pain in my feet that I could barely walk. I didn’t even know what gout was until I had it.

After having a few exciting dates with doctors for gout and high blood pressure (probably from my over excitement at an unlimited bacon diet) I finally decided to be smart! I followed their advice and picked a sensible calorie and portion controlled weight loss plan NOT a diet. I joined Weight Watchers online. It costs about $3 a week, which fits my budget perfectly. The concept of Weight Watchers has been around since 1963 so I figured 55 years of experience might make a difference. They have a new program that allows a ton of flexibility along with an app that makes tracking food, exercise, and weight super easy.

I’m two weeks into trying this and I really love it. I’m eating well. I’m losing weight and I’m feeling better every day. No matter what program you choose be sure to clear it with your doctor first. As much as I loved unlimited bacon, it was not reasonable or sustainable as a weight loss plan. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and tracking what I eat makes a lot more sense for me!

Changing your life is never easy but it is always possible. If you are like me and starting Round 2 of your 2018 weight loss plan, I wish you luck. Stay dedicated and know that all success happens one step at a time! There is a healthier you in there…go and find her!

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