Accepting My Son's Autism Diagnosis

Accepting My Son’s Autism Diagnosis

A year ago, in August, my youngest son Jaxon was diagnosed with nonverbal autism. For my husband and me, this was not news. It was confirmation of what we already knew. Although we knew this, the reality of the autism diagnosis was still hard and overwhelming.  I remember crying when I would discuss his diagnosis. […]

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Why Every Mom Should Join a Book Club

Moms have a tendency to go out of our way for everyone else and neglect ourselves a little. A recent post described the guilt we feel when buying things for ourselves rather than for our kids. And often, if we are able to get away for a little while, the topic of kids comes up […]

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From a Teacher: One email I wish I'd received from my students' parents

From a Teacher: One Email I Wish I’d Received from My Students’ Parents

Ryan (name changed) was one of my students several years ago. He was a good student, and generally quiet. He often sat with his legs stretched out beneath the desk and his chin resting in his hand. One day–he happened to be sitting in the front row, center seat–we both found ourselves laughing at a […]

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8 Little-Known Spots for Frugal Summer Fun

8 Little-Known Spots for Frugal Summer Fun

It’s July. If you aren’t already over all your favorite kid-friendly spots, you will be soon. And this is Georgia, so there are approximately 16 more months of summer before the glorious fall. So, in the spirit of mom-sisterhood, I’m sharing some of my favorite places for kid (and budget)-friendly fun in the Atlanta area. [...]
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Zipper on deck

Protect Your Family Dog from Heat Stroke

Earlier this summer, I killed my beloved, happy dog.  It wasn’t on purpose, and it wasn’t violent. One June evening I took him and our other dog for a run. We jogged 4.5 miles, a distance we’d easily covered together in the recent past. But even though it was twilight, temperatures were still in the […]

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The Importance of Women Supporting Women

“When women support each other, incredible things happen.” I’m your typical mom with two kids, one who has autism. Almost once a week I have an “experience” out in the community that frustrates me. An experience that could be made infinitely better by one simple thing…Compassion. It’s something simple that would mean the world to […]

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She Wears Short Shorts, But Why?

When I ordered my kids soccer clothes, the shorts were exactly the same. They were the same color, same fabric, and same length. Duh, you’re thinking. They all do the same things in soccer. Why would their clothes be different because of their gender? That’s an awesome question because, when you shop at any clothing […]

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