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Summer Screenings

It’s summer already and that means you’re hearing the birds chirping, the bees buzzing, and the sound of children’s laughter wafting in through an open window. Want to know what’s heard at my house? A cork popping from a wine bottle. It isn’t that summer isn’t my thing. It’s just that three months of uninterrupted togetherness with […]

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sharp shooter potty training

Training A Sharp Shooter: 5 Ways to Teach Your Son to Aim at the Toilet

We (and by “we” I mean mostly my husband) spent our Memorial Day weekend replacing the floor in our downstairs half-bath. Why, you ask? Our three-year-old lacks skill in the “peeing-in-the-potty-with-precision” arena. Our less permeable new floor should hold up well against any future accidents. But with that being said… We’ve got to get busy training […]

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summer reading moms

Summer Reading for Moms

As I said in Summer Reading Programs for Kids, reading is one of my favorite things. And summer reading is definitely NOT just for kids! I love crafting my summer reading list every year, trying to find books that are fun, engaging, and keep me turning pages late into the night. My goal here is […]

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Organize. Stamp jars for Good Behavior

Stamp Jars For Good Behavior

I have this indistinct vision of the type of adults I hope my children will someday become.  For starters, I hope they will be kind to themselves when they make mistakes, see things from other’s perspectives, and be able to resolve conflict in a mature and respectful way. However motivating them to this end, can […]

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view from backseat

View from the Backseat

I was in the checkout line at Publix the other day and overheard the 20-something’s phone conversation in front of me. She was chatting away at how “terrible the service was,” at what I presumed to be her favorite Friday night spot, to grab margaritas and cheese dip with friends. She was saying they “waited […]

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