Kinda, Just Go With It

Recently I’ve realized that my 1-year-old is a tad bit anti-social. Not only does he look at me with helplessness when other kids try to engage him but he also actively avoids all areas of the playground where other children are. This was kind of worrying me until I had a two sentence conversation with another mom the other day. 

Her to my son: “You look a bit unsure.” 

Me: “Yeah he’s a little anti-social.”

Her to me: “My first was really social at first but now not so much.”

*she runs off to make sure her kids aren’t jumping from the slide* 

This short conversation made something that I already knew even more real to me, our kids change and we have to be adaptable.

My son is my first baby (and my last *prayers going up*) and so I never really had to think about it until now. He’s going to go through stages, and not just the simple ones. Sure, there are developmental milestones in his life, but it’s deeper than that. Right now, the thought of dealing with other kids is not for him, but in just a matter of months that could change. He could turn into a social butterfly! How will he make friends? Will he adjust ok? How will he react? How will other kids react to him? Will they be nice to him? All of these things that I didn’t have to think about will be the things that keep me up at night. But what really matters is that I kinda…just go with it. Embrace it. At least give it a try for him. 

As our kids grow up, they turn into themselves. It’s so interesting to watch their little personalities shine through. Let’s be the moms (daddies too!) who embrace it, take it all in, let them love what they love, play how they want to play, let them express themselves, let them be themselves, kinda, just go with it. 

I know that last sentence was a bit of a run-on…kinda, just go with it 😉 


One Response to Kinda, Just Go With It

  1. Jen
    Jen October 20, 2016 at 12:15 pm #

    My daughter was SO SHY even with family members that she saw on a regular basis. She is still a reserved person, especially with people she doesn’t know very well, but she has definitely come out of her shell.

    She was never in daycare as an infant or toddler, so we decided to put her in preschool so that she wouldn’t be totally shocked when she started Kindergarten. I think that helped her tremendously!

    But you’re right – each and every kid is different and they’ll all figure out on their own time!