My Go To Costco Shopping List :: 2016 Mom Hour

We are thrilled to partner with Costco for this post. However, we genuinely love what they offer and all opinions are 100% our own!

Costco Favorites

Myth vs. Fact

Before I share my obsession love for all things Costco, I think it is important to dispell the biggest rumor I hear.  

Myth: They only sell in bulk and I don’t live with 10+ people, so I don’t need a Costco membership.

Fact: Costco does sell in bulk and large quantities of many items – but they offer so much more. My little family of 3 takes a trip at least twice a month. That’s right, whether I need a quick grab and go dinner option, last minute birthday present, a household staple or gas for my car, I need Costco in my life and we think you do too! We are excited to share our Top 10 favorite items. And, we invite you to take advantage of an amazing membership deal offered just for you – an Atlanta Area Moms Blog and City Moms Blog reader!

Top 10 Must Have Costco Items

Kirkland Signature is Costco’s brand. They have a variety of products. Here are our favorites. 

  1. Prepared meals :: Soups (our two favorites are the chili and the broccoli cheddar), stuffed peppers, chicken salad, take-and-bake pizzas. These are just a few items that make dinner time a breeze (without the guilt of running through the fast-food drive thru). The chili and stuffed peppers are my go-to when I sign-up to bring a new mom a meal after the hospital!
  2. Snacks for Mom (and dad) :: The Nut Bars with almonds, cashews, walnuts with cocoa drizzle and sea salt all satisfy my sweet tooth any day. They remind me of my favorite KIND bar, but are more budget friendly.
  3. Snacks for the kids :: Organic Animal crackers and apple sauce squeeze pouches. 
  4. Bath Tissue :: You can’t beat the price. Plus, this is just one of the many Kirkland Signature products that is rated higher than most leading brands.
  5. Laundry Detergent :: I have had a hard time finding a detergent that is gentle enough for my son’s skin without paying a ton. The Kirkland Signature Free & Clear has solved my problem. 
  6. Organic PJ’s (for kids) :: Comfy, cute and variety. My toddler loves getting new PJ’s and these are no exception. 
  7. Alcohol :: Whether you are hosting a get-together or just want to make sure you have a bottle of wine on hand, the price point and selection is unbelievable. Costco has a great wine program and relationships with wineries across the world. 
  8. Yogurt :: This has been my go-to snack during this pregnancy. The Greek, fruit on the bottom variety is delicious. 
  9. Eggs :: Kirkland Signature offers organic eggs and is one of the reasons Costco is leading the nation in organic sales. The quantity and price is why they always end up in our cart. 
  10. Wipes :: We would get a membership JUST for the wipes. The Kirkland Signature wipes are super easy to pull out and you don’t get stuck grabbing 10 out when you only need a few. And, they hold up even for the messiest mess. 

We have yet to try a Costco item and not love it – but we also know they have a great return policy and they listen to their customers. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, they are more than happy to return the item for you. There is no reason not to try something new at Costco! 

Don’t just take our word for it! #CostcoMomHour

Join us on November 4 to experience all the perks of shopping at Costco. 

Who :: Atlanta Area Moms {and kids}

When :: Friday, November 4 – 9:00-10:00 a.m.

Where :: Towne Center- Kennesaw and Mall of Georgia 

Perks :: Swag bags for the first 100 people in line at each location.  Three giveaways -2 winners will receive a $100 Costco cash card and a third winner will receive a year-supply of Tide pods (worth $60). An  AMAZING membership deal if you are a new member and samples throughout the store.

Why :: This national event is in partnership with City Moms Blog Network. Over 90 Cotsco stores across the country are opening up an hour early JUST for City Moms Blog sites and their readers. This is your chance to shop for an hour without the crowd. If you are NOT a member yet- you can take advantage of their amazing membership offer. We encourage you to redeem the membership offer prior to Nov. 4 to save time and have more time to shop. The membership offer will be available during the Costco Mom Hour at the two locations (Towne Center and Mall of Georgia). Whether you can make it to the Costco Mom Hour, or not- ANYONE (who isn’t a Costco member) can take advantage of the amazing membership deal!

Note :: you MUST be a member in order to make a purchase, but you can browse for free either way!

Cost :: Free 

RSVP :: Join our Facebook group for updated information and register below {you must register to attend}. ALL are invited – but ONLY members can make purchases. If you are taking advantage of the membership offer, we encourage you to visit the store prior to the event to redeem your membership and take full-advantage of the shopping time on Nov. 4!

New Membership Details :: Receive a $20 Costco Cash Card with Gold Star Membership and $43 worth of coupons (will be mailed). When you redeem membership at the Costco warehouse, you will have the option of upgrading to the Executive Membership and would receive a SECOND $20 Costco Cash Card. 

We invite you to share this opportunity with all the moms out there- especially the ones that aren’t members so they can take advantage of this amazing membership deal!



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