Solutions for Screen Time

“Five more minutes and that’s it!” 

Does this sound familiar? Are repeated warnings and meltdowns part of the process, too? Why?  Why is the battle of the screens such a struggle? Studies show us that today’s kids are more plugged in than any other generation. Nature deficit disorder is real.

This Harvard study is a 75-year research project focusing on this question: what makes a good life? The answer is relationships. Participants who were satisfied in relationships at fifty years old were better off and happier at eighty than those who were lonely. The participants who invested time and effort into family, friends, and meaningful relationships lived longer and healthier lives. 

Why should we be concerned? We value our children’s development, and our current trajectory is detrimental to their long-term happiness. A child’s average screen time is double or more what they spend outside. If you question this at all, I encourage you to watch this video. Some of the negative repercussions of this behavior include obesity, lack of independence, and lack of social skills.

How can we help ourselves and help our children? Camp. We are an electronic free community- a rare place. Camp is a place that offers an opportunity for your child to think beyond Google and snap chat. 

Green River Preserve is a place where 80% of their day will be spent outside, playing and being a child. Through play comes creativity, curiosity, and discovery coupled with innovation, conversation, challenges, and real world experiences. 

We value these characteristics for our children today but more importantly for their future. In ten to fifteen years from now when our children are entering the working world, middleman jobs will be obsolete. They need to be the innovators. The doers. The creators. Camp is an experience you can offer your child to help develop these tools. 

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Anne Mead, Green River Preserve

Anne Izard, Green River Preserve


Anne Izard is a lifelong camper and advocate for camp encouraging us to be our “best selves.”  Anne and her husband, Stephen, are the directors of Green River Preserve, a co-ed summer camp connecting children to nature. Most importantly, Anne is the mother of Phen (6), Hawkins (3), and Alida (6mos). Please feel free to contact Anne at [email protected]

We are excited to bring you a 3-part series about summer camp, written Anne Izard a mom and the co-director of our partner Green River Preserve. Green River Preserve is a non-competitive, co-ed summer camp connecting children to nature. Located on a 3,400 acre wildlife Preserve in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina , Green River Preserve inspires campers to have a greater understanding of themselves, their environment, and their fellow man. Their unique program, designed with the help of a child psychologist, encourages bright, curious, and creative children to unplug from computers, television, video games, and cell phones, and to connect with nature, learn their own strengths, and find their inner voice. Every day at Green River Preserve campers thrive in “Nature’s classroom” as they learn from a community where ideas, creativity, and discovery are celebrated.

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